Morningstar Marketplace

5309 Lincoln Highway, West
Thomasville, PA 17364
(717) 792-1919
Web site: Link
Email: info at morningstarmarketplace dot net

This Thomasville farmers market is located at 5309 Lincoln Highway, West Thomasville, PA 17364. Drop by to see for yourself. Call to learn more about its selection of crafts, fruits, organic food, vegetables and local specialties. Hours are January-December Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Takes WIC, SFMNP, SNAP. Click the Edit link if you frequent this market to provide information about what is sold.


If you've shopped at Morningstar Marketplace, tell us what you think of the market.

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Love this place! The best of its kind anywhere, with a close second or tie being Green Dragon in Ephrata. Living in Valley Forge area I wish it wasn't so far for me to travel. Didn't get there last summer at all but planning on a trip very soon. Are all of the same Saturday vendors there on Sunday? Thanks.

-- Gary

it was nice the vetebales were good and the sandwichs were good and they should not take them away

-- clayton

Been there a few times and the second time I had a bad experience with the shop that sells Customs Auto Tags, she was very ignorant & racist..But over all can't let one person ruin it.. They have fresh product & even as far as pricing, I'll give it thumbs up!!

-- Big Poppa

Love the ham sandwiches at Country Kitchen.

-- wayne

THERE is a stand that sells hot ham sandwiches. Amish made has to be the best meal away from home I ever had, I think the name is COUNTRY KITCHEN

-- gysgtmo

Bought produce many, many times from the market. Not good...produce would spoil within 1-2 days. I prefer paying more for my produce that will actually get me through the week.

-- KL330

Expect to find a nice selection of goods at Morningstar as well as friendly vendors. However, if you are looking to become a seller at the market, think twice. The owners are friendly enough when taking your rent money but are frustratingly absent when you need assistance. Every respectable marketplace needs one of the following; Available owners, a competent secretary, or at the very least a good answering service. Morningstar Market has none of these.

-- ColesMom

The market is GREAT with lots of items and if you shop, you will find some good deals but if you are a vendor, remember they open at 8am but if you go at 8am cars will be parked in the outside vendor spaces and you need to wait til one leaves. While cars park for free in the vendor spaces, you must pay full rent, even if a space is not available until after 9am. Lots of people come here to look but few buy so if you are not set up before 7, you may as well stay home.

-- Douglas Shuffler

I read that the marketplace is open on Fridays in August. Can't get thru by calling the number. Does anyone know?

-- JJ

I purchased fresh vegetables from very pleasant vendors and also enjoyed great BBQ and pastries.

-- Phyllis

Excellent diversity, flea market goods, antigues, awesomw food!

-- Michele Collins

C Watson, your a knucklehead they where talking about getting K&K coffee not the KKK! Think before you post such nonsense!

-- Hillbilly

Awesome, Hillbilly Rick's Food is made right in front of you! Deep Fried Pickles are the best!

-- J.J.

We visit almost every Saturday! We love all the fresh fruit and veggies...a lot less expensive than supermarket stuff....and fresher, too. We ALWAYS at least walk through the Antique Store, but sometimes browse for hours!

-- Bernie

OMG! Lady, they were talking about K&K coffee! NOT the KKK! Get a life and start getting out more!

-- Frog Lady

OMG! Lady , they were talking about K&K coffee! NOT the KKK! Get a life and start getting out more!

-- Frog Lady

I had an unpleasant experience on 6-26-10 at the Morningstar Marketplace. I was buying brussel sprouts at a food stand called the "Produce Patch" located outside from an older gentleman. Then one of the young workers at the stand starts singing KKK, KKK. I knew it was time to get out of there, I was scared.

-- C.Watson

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